Family Tree
Joseph Lemon I
  Born: Nov 1662 in Dorchester, Dorset Co., England
Emigration Before 1690
Married: Mary Bradley (Chalestown, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts) on 12 Jun 1690 in Massachusetts
Children: John Lemon 1690 in England, Joseph Lemon II 1692
John Lemon had one child, Alexis Lemon born in 1718 in England.
died: Jun 1709 in Massachusetts
Joseph Lemon II
  born: 1692 Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Married: Elizabeth Phillips Lemon in 1692 in
  • born: 23 Aug 1692 Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
  • daughter of Eleazer Phillips and Anne Foster
Children: William Lemon, Mary Lemon Lynde, Joseph Lemon III, Jonathon Lemon
Father: Joseph Lemon I
Mother: Mary Bradley Lemon
Joseph Lemon III
  Born: about 1718 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Married: Prudence about 1739
residence: Oxford Twp, Sussex Co (now Warren Co)., New Jersey ... attended old Oxford Meeting house which became First Presbyterian Church of Oxford
Children: Esther Elizabeth Lemon Current, Jacob Joseph Lemon, Mary Lemon Ruth, and John Lemon
Father: Joseph Lemon II
Mother: Elizabeth Phillips Lemon
Sued by Samuel Woodard on 26 April 1766 in Bridgewater Twshp, Somerset Co. NJ
Listed in 1773 tax records of Oxford, NJ
died: 19 Dec 1792
Jacob Joseph Lemon
  born:  1743 in Sussex Co. (now Warren) New Jersey
Father:Joseph Lemon III
Mother: Prudence
Married:  Mary Marr Lemon in 1766 in Mr. Bethel, Northampton Co., PA
"Mary Mar (1747-1823) was the daughter of Lawrence Marr, the youngest brother of the Earl of Marr who had joinded the Jacobite uprising in Scotland in 1714."
Signed loyalty oath before Benjamin Depue, Esq on11 Jan 1778
Moved to Bertie Twp, Niagara District, Canada in 1794
Residence 1796: Willoughby Twp, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada (Concession 4 Lot 1... 50 acres)
Children: Jacob Lemon, Lawrence Lemon, Katharine Lemon, Samuel Lemon, Nancy Lemon, Margaret Lemon, Thomas Lemon
Michael Lemon (About 1867), Joseph Lemon (1769), Lawrence "Squire" Lemon (1770 in Sussex County, New Jersey), William Lemon (12 Mar 1774 in New Jersey), (Jacob Lemon (4 Apr 1787 in Sussex County, New Jersey), Catherine Lemon (About 1778), Elizabeth Lemon (14 Oct 1779 in Sussex County, New Jersey), George Lemon (1783), Esther Lemon (1784), Mary Lemon (About 1786), John Lemon (About 1791 in Willoughby twp, Ont., Can.), Rebecca Lemon (1791), Jane Lemon (23 Oct 1794), Lawrence Lemon
Died: 13 Feb 1816 in Willoughby Twp
Joseph Lemon
  Born: 1769
Children: Mary Lemon, Samuel Lemon, James Lemon (1785), Alexander Lemon (1794 in Norfolk, Ont.), Jacob Lemon (1798), Lawrence Lemon (1801), (Katherine Lemon (1802), Nancy Lemon (25 Jul 1806 Ontario, Canada), Margaret Lemon (24 Apr 1811 in Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada), Thomas Lemon (1812)
Died: 1837 in Woodhouse twp, Norfolk County, Ont., Can.
Alexander Lemon
  Born: 09 Nov 1794 in Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk, Ont.
Father:Joseph Lemon b. 1769
Mother: Janet
Married: Rebecca Gilbert on 04 Sep 1816  in Woodhouse Twp, Ont.
Charles Henry Lemon (25 Jul 1822), Emyline Lemon Schuyler (09 Sep 1823), Alexander Thomas Lemon (09 Sep 1833),
Granted 200 Acres - Lot 16, Concession 4 Woodhouse Twp.
Received the "Detroit Medal" in War of 1812 with 2nd Norfolk Co., Ontario Regiment
Sale of property in Woodhouse Twp Norfolk Co, Ontanrio, Canada on 1850's to move to Lafayette Co, WI..  1860 census listed as Lemmon in Monticello Twp, Lafayette Co. Moved to Pavilion shortly after 1860. 
Married Elizabeth Carson (born 1832 Willoughby Twp Welland Co. Ontario) 11 Sept 1870
d - 01 Sept 1876 in Pavilion Twp, Kalamazoo Co., Michigan


Charles Henry Lemon
  Born: 25 July 1822 in Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk C., Ontario, Canada
Married: Margaret Wright Lemon on 13 Nov 1851 in Thorold Twp, Welland Co. who died in 1914
Emigration: 1854 to Lafayette Co. Wisconsin ... applied for citizenship in 1859
Farmer in 1880 census of Comstock Twp, Kalamazoo Co, MI
Children: Henry Clay Lemon (1852), Peter Lemon (1853), Cecelia Ann Lemon (25 Oct 1855), Dewitt Clinton Lemon (29 Dec 1857), George Washington Lemon (07 Sep 1861), Rebecca Lemon (1863), Mary Anettie Lemon Stark (01 Sep 1866), Bertha Jane Lemon Stark (04 June 1869), Fred Earnest Lemon (02 Jun 1871), Helen Lemon (1873) and Margaret Lemon (1876), Charles Linwood Lemon (27 May 1878), Elizabeth Lemon (1878) and Christina Lemon (1879).
Died on 14 Feb 1910 in Pavilion Twp, Kalamzoo Co, MI from a fall from a haymow.  Burial Riverside Cemetery, Kalamozoo, MI.
Henry Clay Lemon
  Born: 18 Oct 1852 in Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk Co, Ontario
Married: 18 Oct,1876 to Isabel Wilcox in Augusta, Ross Twp, Kalamazoo Co, Michigan  - died 24 May 1879 giving birth to George .. buried in Yorkville Cemetery. 
Occupation: farm labor, living with George Adams family in Comstock Twp in 1880
Children: Glen Henry Lemon (1877), George F. Lemon (May1879 to 05 Sept 1879)
Died: 25 Feb 1911 of intestinal blockage with burial in Riverside Cemetery (Sect S lot o), Kalamazoo, MI

Glen Henry Lemon
  Born: 08 Aug 1877 in Kalamazoo Co, MI
Married: Edna Susan Coburn on 16 Oct 1912 who died during bith of Richard.
Residence: South 32nd St., Kalamazoo Co, MI
Children: John Henry Lemon (1913), Isabel Anis Lemon Wilson (1916), Stanley Howard Lemon (1918), Guy Edward Lemon (1919), Richard Harris Lemon (1921)
Died on 30 April 1955 of a heart attack and was buried at Cook Cemetery Pavilion Twp, Kalamazoo Co. Michigan

a. Anis Taylor Coburn
b. Glen, Anis, and Betty Wilson Uithoven





John Henry Lemon
  Born: 22 Jul 1913
Motorcycle accident
Died: 21 Aug 1933
Isabel Anis Lemon
  Born: 13 Sep 1916 in Kalamazoo, MI
Married: Charles Irwin Wilson in Galesburg, MI
Children: Betty, Spud, Barb, Velma
Residence in 2000 in South 33rd St. in Comstock Twp, Kalamazoo Co, MI
Died: 11 Nov 2007 and buried in Ever-Rest Cemetery in Kalamazoo, MI
Charles Irwin Wilson
  Born: 30 Jun 1912 in Kalamazoo Co
Died  16 Sep 1994
Buried: Mt Ever-Rest Cemetery in Kalamazoo, MI
Betty Jane Wilson Uithoven
  Born: 03 Jan 1938 in Kalamazoo, MI
Married: Richard Lynn Uithoven 29 May 1968
Richard Lynn Uithoven
  Born: 12 Jun 1922 in Kalamazoo, MI
Died: 18 Jan 2008
Buried: Mt Ever-Rest Cemetery in Kalamazoo, MI
  Russel Scott Uithoven 12 Aug 1970    
  Philip Andrew Uithoven 05 May 1973    
  Ruth Uithoven    
  Richard Uithoven    
LaVern Arnold Wilson
  Born: 25 Aug 1940
Married Jean Henson
Barbara Ann Wilson Sweitzer
  Born 26 Apr 1946
Married: Alan Jay Sweitzer 01 Feb 1964 at Galesburg Methodist Church
Alan Jay Sweitzer
  Born: 27 Aug 1944
Vicki Kathryn Sweitzer
  Born: 207 Sep 1964
Married Randy G. Whittle Aug 1990
Karen Irene Sweitzer
  Born: 24 Aug 1967 in Kalamazoo, MI
Physical Therapist Assistant
Married Michael Todd Hunt 18 May 1991 at Otsego Church of God in Otsego, Allegan Co, MI
Velma Lee Wilson Jerome
  Born 06 Mar 1948
Married Kenneth Kevin Jerome on 23 Nov 1968 at St.Joseph Catholic Church
Kenneth Kevin Jerome
  Born 22 June 1946 in Kalamazoo, MI
Brian Jerome
  Born: 13 Aug 1972
Suzanne Jerome
  Born: 09 Jun 1975
Married: Frederick Reynolds 27 Apr 2002
Stanley Howard Lemon|
  Born 23 Feb 1918 in Kalamazoo, MI
Married: Harma Marilyn Von Hout  18 Sep 1945 in Galesburg, MI by Herbert A. Miles with Charles and Isabel Wilson as witnesses
Chief Master Sergeant (E9) in USAF with service in WWII and Korea
Died: 07 Feb 1980 in Rudyard, Chippewa Co, MI
Buried: Cooks Pond Cemetery in Scotts, Pavilion Twp, MI


Harma Marilyn Von Hout Lemon
  Born 12 Dec 1922 in Kalamazoo, MI, daughter of Peter Von Hout and Lena Rivers Vandenburg ... Lena was a school teacher trained at Western Michigan Normal School and Peter was a blacksmith.
BS Western Michigan University
MA Michigan State University
Taught HIgh School Home Economics at Sault High School, Sault Ste.Marie, MI and Rudyard High School, Rudyard, MI
After death of Stanley, remarried William Flood of Sault Ste.Marie, MI
Died 02 Mar 2005 in Chelsea, MI
Buried: Cooks Pond Cemetery in Scotts, Pavilion Twp, MI


Ted Howard Lemon
  b - 12 Nov 1946  Selfridge AFB, Mt. Clemens, MI
BS Western Michigan Universtiy
MS Northern MIchigan University
Married: Martha Jane Zenk 22 Jun1968 in Battle Creek, Calhoun Co, MI
Residence: Reynoldsburg, OH       
Martha Jane Zenk
  Born: 11 Jan 1945 in Sturgis, St.Joseph Co, MI
Parents George Frank Zenk and Mary Edith Freckling



Mary Regina Lemon
  Born: 21 May 1969 in Sautlt Ste.Marie, MI
Married William Timothy Meadows 12 Oct 1991 in Reynoldsburg, Franklin Co, OH
Mark Edward Lemon
  Born 17 Sep 1972 in Sault Ste.Marie, MI
Married Carmen Rebecca Marin 04 May 2007 in Glendale, Los Angeles Co, CA
Robert Peter Lemon
  Born: 03 Jan 2009 Detroit, MI
BS Mathematics from Northern Mich U (70) and MS Mathematics from Northern Mich U (78)
Teacher at Wolverine HS, Wolverince, MI 1 year, Community High School Dist 94 in West Chicago for two years and College of DuPage for 10 years.
Married: Sharon Kay Watson 17 Aug 1979

Sharon Kay Watson Lemon
  Born: 01 Oct 2009,  Lincoln Park, Wayne Co, MI
BS in Nursing from Northern MIch U in 1978
Nurse at Delnor Community Hospital
Stanley Carl 
  Born: 13 June 1985 in Community Hospital, Geneva, Kane Co, IL
Sara Lemon
Lucille Rose Lemon
  Born: 5:20PM EST 06 Nov 2009 in Pittsburg, PA ... 8lbs 9oz 20 inches
Rebecca Li
  Born: 26 June 1989 in Delnor Community Hospital, St.Charles, Kane Co, IL
Liam Rylan Walls
  Born: 8:20pm CST 04 Nov 2011
6lbs 12oz 19.5in
Carson March
  Born: 18 Mar 2011
Wyatt March
  Born: 18 Mar 2011
Daniel Lynn                      
  Born: 23 Dec 1949 Selfridge AFB, Mt. Clemens, Macomb Co, MI
BS Biology from Western MIch U
Military service: US Air Force
Married: 20 Apr 1974 in Rudyard, Chippewa Co, MI to Christine Mayer who was born 16 Jul 1956 - two children - Divorced
m - Angie


Amber Janine
  Born: 15 Sep 1974 in St.Ignace, Luce, MI
m - Arnie Visnaw
Brenna  Marilyn Lemon
  Born 16 Oct 1977 in Presque Isle, Aroostook Co, Maine
Glen Henry 
  b - 9/17/53 Madison, WI
m - Robin  ??
Guy Edward Lemon
  Born: 31 Oct 1919 in Kalamazoo, MI
Married to Elinor Jean Sullivan Lemon on 25 Mar 1945 in Galesburg, Kalamazoo Co, MI
Military service: WWII
Died: 05 Jun 1995
Buried in Cooks Pond Cemetery in Scotts, Pavilion Twp, Kalamazoo Co, MI
Elinor Jean Sullivan Lemon
Joseph  Edward Lemon
  Born: 27 Mar 1946 in Kalamazoo, MI
Married: Judith Elizabeth Sillars on 26 Aug 1972 in Kalamazoo, MI
  Kitty Ann Lemon    
  Marty Ellen Lemon
Mary Susan Lemon
  Born 31 Mar 1949 in Kalamazoo, MI
Married Ronald Terry Stolk 22 Nov 1969, son of Peter Stolk and Arlene Frances Wright
  Shane William Stolk 13 May 1970 in Kalamazoo Co, MI    
Richard H Lemon
  Born: 15 Aug 1921 in Kalamazoo, MI
Graduated salutarian of Scotts High School in 1939
Married Jean Deloris Eastman on 26 Sep 1941 in Napoleon, Henry Co, Ohio
Military service: Pfc in US Army ... 1942-1945 in WSWII
Died 15 May 1991 of cancer and diabetes
Died in the same room he was born in at family farm, 6293 S 32nd Stree, Pavilion Twp, Kalamazoo, MI
Buried in Cooks Pond Cemetery in Scotts, Pavilion Twp, Kalamazoo Co, MI


Jean Deloris Eastman Brierly
  Born 10 Jul 1924 to Jacob George Eastman and Mary Beals.
Secretary at KVP Paper MIll
Died: 20 Mar 1999
James Richard Lemon
  Born: 09 May 1942 in Kalamazoo, MI
Catherine Augusta Roberts - Divorce 30 Mar 1970 - 3 children
Married Connie Sue Reid 23 April 1970
Steam fitter, Plumber, Welder
Master Breeder, Life Member of MIchigan State Rabbit Breeders Association.
Catharine Augusta Roberts
  Born 30 Nov 1941
Died 25 Jul 2006 in Paw Paw, MI - Buried in East Oakland Cemetery, Fulton, Kalamazoo Co, MI
Kevin Wayne Lemon
  Born: 25 Apr 1960 in Kalamazoo, MI
Graduation 1978 Plainwell HS in Plainwell, MI
Married to Kim Elaine VanDeLaare on 23 Jan 1982
Military Sercice US Army 11 Feb 1982
Residence 1983 Lacey, Thurston Co, WA
Retired Aug 2005 Lance Sergeant Major of Fort Lewis, WA
  • Aleisha Anne Lemon born 07 Dec 1982 in Aurora Arapahoe Co, Colorado - residence Lacey, CO
  • Sean Richard Lemon born 08 Feb 1988 in Ft.Lewis, Thurston Co. WA
Michelle Irene Lemon
  Born 28 Sep 1961 in Kalamazoo, MI
Graduated Plainwell HS 1980
Married:  Aaron James Brazier 10 Jul 1982
Resident 2000 in Plainwell, Allegan Co, MI
Teresa Jean Lemon
  Born 27 Feb 1962 in Kalamazoo, MI
Graduation Plainwell HS 1982
Davenport Business College
Married Mark Allan Emig 19 Apr 1985
Residence 2000 in Logansport, Cass Co, IN
Connie Sue Reid
  Born 10 Oct 1939 in Kalamazoo, MI to Walter Wayne Reid and Rhuby May Dull
Richland HS 1957
Legal Secretary
Becky Dawn Graff
  Born 25 NOv 1958 in Kalamazoo, MI
Salutarian Galesburg HS 1976
Married Steve Williams 20 Apr 1986 in Las Vegas, Clark Co, Nevada
Charles Radel Graff
  Born 11 Feb 1962 in Kalamazoo, MI
Graduation Galesburg-Agusta HS 1980
Residence 1980 Miami/Dade Co, FL
John Henry Lemon
  Born: 01 Jan 1944 in Kalamazoo, MI
Married: Sheila Marie Barrett 18 Sep 1961
Electrician at General Motors Plant
Died: 15 Apr 1993 of stomach cancer
Headstone only at Cooks Pond Cemetery in Scotts, Pavilion Twp, Kalamazoo Co, MI
Sheila Marie Barrett
  Born: 29 Jun 1944 in Kalamazoo, MI
Daughter of Walter J. and Helen Barrett
Joan Marie Lemon
  Born 22 Dec 1961
Married Gregory Charles Terry 14 Apr 1979
  • Chris Stanley Terry born 14 Apr 1979 in Parchment, MI
Married Jerry Patterson on 21 May 1988, born 17 Sep 1956
  • Trevor John Patterson 11 Aug 1988 in Kalamazoo
  • Danielle Maria Patterson 01 Dec 1990 in Kalamazoo
  • Paige Elaine Patterson 21 Aug 1994 in Kalamazoo
Laurie Ann Lemon
  Born 09 Apr 1963 in Kalamazoo, MI
Married Ralph David Westerhouse on 05 Sep 1986
  • Eric Michael Westerhouse born 13 Mar 1987 in Kalamazoo
  • Paul David Westerhouse born 15 May 1989 in Kalamazoo
  • John Samuel Westerhouse born 19 Aug 1992 in Kalamazoo
Janet Leigh Lemon
  Born 16 Jul 1964 in Kalamazoo, MI
Michael Edward Lemon
  Born: 12 Feb 1966 in Kalamazoo, MI
Married: Ann Marie Kidder 09 May 1998, daughter of Michael Dennis Kidder and Bonita Lee Svoke born 09 Dec 1970
  • Cameron John Lemon born 25 Jul 1990 in Kalamazoo
  • Kaitlyn Leeann Lemon born 26 Jun 2001 in Kalamazoo
Mary Katherine Lemon
  Born: 03 Apr 1967 in Kalamazoo, MI
Marriedf Mark Steven Steinacker on 08 Jun 1991 in Galesburg, MI
Graduated: Parchment HS in Parchment, MI
  • Ronald Lee Steinacker born 24 May 1982 in Battle Creek, MI
  • Joshua Dale Steinacker born 24 May 1983 in Batttle Creek, MI
  • Kyle James Steinacker born 27 Sep 1985 in Kalamazoo, MI
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