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Becky wishes the world to know that old age and maturity have also resulted in an attitude change.
sharon01.jpg (19875 bytes) I was showing off to Sharon how I could use a cutout to alter the shape of a picture.   She was not favorably impressed. 


beckie1.jpg (26807 bytes) Sharon is into candid photography.  It only took a half hour  to set up this picture.
kids1.jpg (25253 bytes) Beckie is ducking into the center of the picture as revenge for having suffered through eleven consecutive years without having finished a sentence without her brother interrupting it.
stan01.jpg (25348 bytes) Stan is sitting on rocks next to the Presque Isle River in Porcupine Mountains State Park.  Can you see the many empty bottles of Super Glue with which we nailed him to this position to make him look thoughtful?
momsid.jpg (35554 bytes) This is our dog, Sidney, empathizing with my mother.   She spent years as a high school home economics teacher... and had four sons and no daughters.  He too claims to have led a dog's life. 
copperha.jpg (39936 bytes) This is from the side of the ridge road looking north across Copper Harbor.  From a height of several hundred feet, it looks north across Lake Superior.
trashcan.jpg (23637 bytes) I have an incredible collection of pictures of garbage cans from state and national parks and forests from the last quarter of the 20th century.   This is the most recent addition, the latest in bear proof technology from the Michigan State Parks.  This one was outside the visitor center at Porcupine Mountains State Park.  Unlike much of my early collection, the wife and kids are now refusing to pose in front of them.
wpe1.jpg (24695 bytes) Oh Joy!  The family is back to posing in front of the latest in garbage can technology.  This one was found in Acadia National Park.   notice it resembles the Michigan Department of Natural Resources model in its slant, but features a separate opening for aluminum cans and the enviro-friendly, aesthetically softened wooden sides.
wash01.jpg (318065 bytes)  
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