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28 Feb Doyle backs gay benefits
"Doyle has already proposed in his budget extending health benefits to the domestic partners of all state and University of Wisconsin System employees."
Midwest head rips AirTran offer
"The chief executive of Midwest Airlines, which is the target of a hostile takeover bid by AirTran Airways, said he fears that if his company is joined with the low-cost carrier it would lose its charm."
'We've got another crazy storm coming'
""We've got another crazy storm coming," said Weather Central meteorologist Brian Olson. "Thursday night will be a mess."  That mess will just add to the angst and frustration for residents and municipal crews still trying to get rid of last weekend's blizzard that dumped over 15 inches of heavy snow onto Madison and the region."
Dave Zweifel: Voter ID reducing minority turnout
"Rutgers Professor Tim Vercellotti told the Times that in states where voters were required to sign their names or show an identifying document, blacks were 5.7 percent less likely to vote than in states where voters simply had to say their names. For Hispanics, the impact was closer to 10 percent. Those figures compared to a 2.7 percent combined rate for all races."
Police disclose interview tactics
“People don’t expect police officers not to tell the truth,” Wray said at Tuesday’s press conference. “It’s constitutionally allowed under certain circumstances. What we’re trying to do here is outline those rare circumstances in which this would be allowed.”
Superfund sampling begins in the bay
"Winslow said the sediment contamination is a bit different, because it has some overlap chemically with the coal tar from the gas plants, along with creosote and other chemicals used in wood treatment during the area's timber heyday."
Ashland reps lobby for highway improvements
"Department of Transportation officials were told Tuesday that the area needs the U.S. Highway 2 intersection with State Highway 13 made safer, even with the rumble strips and stop sign installed in recent years. While the DOT has a study underway, Mary McPhetridge, executive director of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, said the study's recommendations would need to be implemented"
DNR: Ranger lied to police about trail-spiking incident
"A Minocqua Police Department squad car ran over the spiked board, puncturing three tires. The DNR suspended ranger John Brandenburg for three days without pay.  After the incident, Brandenburg told police he had been given permission to place the board on the trail by Tim Miller, the DNR's northern region's parks and recreation program manager."
"Republicans and Democrats alike are desperately searching for a way out that leaves behind a stable Iraq and allows the men and women in our military -- who have done a magnificent job and been stretched to the breaking point -- to come home."
Gov. Doyle Record Export Growth in 2006
"Exports to Canada, Wisconsin’s largest international market, grew by 4 percent to $5.4 billion.  Mexico continued as Wisconsin’s second largest export market, as exports grew 39 percent to $1.9 billion.  China took third place with a 29 percent increase to $870.3 million, and Japan ranked fourth with a 6 percent increase to $738.8 million.  The United Kingdom took fifth place with a 6 percent increase to $686.5 million."
Governor Doyle to Lead Trade Mission to China, Japan
“It's a good thing if a Wisconsin company finds a strong partner in Japan or China, or creates jobs in Wisconsin through exports or sales operations in these countries.”
Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Scocos to be Deployed to Iraq
"As Secretary Scocos heads to Iraq, he – and all the members of our Armed Forces and their families – can have confidence that we’ll continue to ensure we have the best state veterans and military family programs anywhere in the nation.”
27 Feb Former county commissioner sentenced
"In accepting Ramme's no contest plea to a charge of driving with a blood-alcohol content of .08 or more, second offense, Iron County Judge Patrick Madden also ordered Ramme, 54, to serve 10 days in jail and revoked Ramme's driving privileges for 12 months."
Mercer board accepts Vaughn's resignation
"Vaughn has accepted a position as superintendent at the Dodgeland School District in Juneau, Wis. He will start there July 1."
Getting SeniorCare funds looks grim, Baldwin says
"Despite the appeals of Gov. Jim Doyle and other officials from both major parties, Wisconsin faces an "uphill battle" to continue the popular SeniorCare program that helps senior citizens pay for their prescriptions, U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) warned Monday."
Great Lakes granddad
"Challenger still has its original keel, built in 1906, and much of the equipment from the early 1900s. There's an old crank-operated telephone system, still in use, that would work even if the ship's electrical system failed."
Business of local motion
"Now, there's a rail comeback, boosted by globalization and just-in-time delivery. Trucks can't carry all the goods across America. Freight rail moves large shipments at a lower cost. And short lines provide vital connections."
Here's why shovelers are hurting
"Scientists say there's a reason why your back may feel a little more sore after shoveling the recent snow off of your driveway - it's much heavier than the snow we usually get.  And it's all because of about one inch of water mixed in with the nearly 15 inches of snowfall Madison received this weekend."
Sen R. Feingold On the Current Proposal to Repeal the Iraq War Authorization
"I will not vote for anything that the President could read as an authorization for continuing with a large military campaign in Iraq."
Feingold Works to Improve Access to Defibrillators
“Congress should fund this important program so more schools and communities across the country are prepared if tragedy strikes,”
Feingold: Presidency in reach for blacks, women - Green Bay Press Gazette
"I think a woman can win this thing. I think a black person can win this thing," Feingold said. Then, with a laugh, "I think a Jewish person could've even won this thing."
Feingold wary of war in Iran - Appleton Post Crescent
“They don’t listen to anything,” Feingold continued. “I mean, everybody thinks this (recent troop) escalation was a bad idea.”
"The increase in the FDA's budget request does not appear to adequately address the rapidly growing backlog of applications waiting approval at your agency," Kohl said. "Unfortunately, approving an additional 50 applications next year won't make a serious dent in the backlog, not to mention that the agency's 2014 goal sounds like too little, too late. We can do better than that."
Kohl discusses Iraq with war protesters - LaCrosse Tribune
"La Crosse war protesters who were arrested five months ago for refusing to leave Sen. Herb Kohl’s La Crosse office until they could meet with the senator finally got their wish Friday."
New Health Insurance for Farmers Uses Strength in Numbers - WBAY - Green Bay,WI
"Eighteen percent of our state's farmers do not have any health insurance at all. Forty-three percent have only catastrophic health coverage, high premiums, high deductibles, and not much in the way of plan provisions,"
26 Feb Iron County agenda a brief one
"There are no "items of concern" in Iron County government at this time, and so Tuesday's Iron County Board of Supervisors' agenda is brief."
Planning, Zoning Committee to meet tonight
"The City of Hurley's Planning and Zoning Committee will meet tonight to discuss a request to abandon portions of Eighth Avenue North, Seventh Avenue North and Flanagan Street."
Thrills, spills on Copper Peak
"Coming down can be an experience with locked-up brakes and plenty of momentum, he said.  Robiadek agreed, although his sled was rolling down.  "That one was just going like a barrel down that hill," he said."
AP classes face scrutiny in audit
"Pressured by colleges and universities with similar stories, the College Board is launching its first major oversight effort of the popular courses this year. By fall, the organization responsible for the AP program and its associated tests expects to have reviewed detailed descriptions of what's being taught in about 120,000 courses throughout the world bearing the AP label."
Exec Q&A: Phone exec bets on broadband
"He's a devoted advocate for high-speed, broadband Internet, which he likes to call "one of the most legally addictive products in the world - one that changes people's lives for the better."  Wittwer wants TDS to offer more than e-mail - including video e-mail - and Web sites over the Internet. He's begun an experiment to provide video entertainment via broadband, too."
Snow sends businesses into frenzy
"It was a busy weekend at Glass Nickel Pizza - in fact, it was the busiest of the year ... Delivery people may have had trouble getting the pizzas to their destinations, but the storm made for two days of booming business.  "It made the Super Bowl look like nothing," she said."
Class still in session after more than 20 inches of snow
"Even with most of the campus buried under the heavy snow, Amy Fisher of UW Communications said students should plan on business as usual.  “As of right now, the campus will be open and classes will be held — it’s extremely rare that we would close,” Fisher said. “I’d be really surprised if [classes] were cancelled.”"
Three war protesters arrested in Wausau
"They were members of a group led by former Green Party congressional candidate Mike Miles, who met with an Obey representative this afternoon to urge Obey to more vigorously oppose the war in Iraq.  The three were arrested after refusing to leave Obey's U.S. Bank Building office at Fifth and Jefferson streets, saying they wanted to speak to Obey directly, Lt. Ben Bliven of the Wausau Police Department said."
Sen R. Feingold Feingold On Continuing his Work to Save SeniorCare
“I will continue to work with Governor Doyle and the Wisconsin congressional delegation in pressuring the Administration to grant a waiver extension for the SeniorCare program. Earlier this month, I told HHS Secretary Leavitt directly that it makes no sense for the Administration to propose cutting a program like SeniorCare, which is more popular and less expensive than the Administration’s flawed alternative Medicare Part D. The Administration should do what makes sense and approve the extension of SeniorCare.”
Bipartisan Bill to Address Health Care Crisis
“I am pleased to introduce this legislation that will help bring much-needed relief to the millions of uninsured and underinsured Americans who are suffering from the rising costs of medical care in this country.”
Real Investment in Affordable Housing
“While Congress has created some effective programs to tackle the shortage of affordable housing, it has not provided the funding to support these programs. A real investment in safe, affordable housing can serve as the foundation for improving the lives and communities of hundreds of thousands of Americans.”
Gov. Doyle Call on Wisconsin Delegation to Help Preserve SeniorCare
“SeniorCare saves money for taxpayers and meets a critical need for affordable prescription drug coverage for Wisconsin seniors.  Time is running short and we really need your assistance in saving Wisconsin’s highly successful SeniorCare program."
Fueling Our Economy with the University of Wisconsin
"It’s not only an investment in our students.  It’s an investment in our economy.  We’ll train more nurses and teachers in Oshkosh, more engineers in Platteville, and more biologists in Green Bay. "
25 Feb Dog saves owner from lunging black bear
"But his dog jumped between the two and was quickly snatched up in the bear's jaw, he said.  "If not for the dog, I wouldn't be standing here," Schindler said."
Killer storm wallops state
"The National Weather Service posted a blizzard warning for the area through 6 p.m. today, with a forecast of 12 to 16 inches of snow accompanied by wind gusts up to 40 mph.
Snow creates havoc
"Madison police, Dane County Sheriff's Office and Wisconsin State Patrol officials reported numerous other minor accidents that forced them to call in extra officers to work overtime.  "We're just running from slide-off to slide-off," said Dane County Sgt. Jeff Heil."
Snowbound? See what it looked like outside Sunday
"Another 2 to 4 inches of new snow was possible overnight Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. The new snow is expected to be wet and heavy, possibly mixed with freezing rain."
24 Feb Bowling fun supports Big Brothers Big Sisters
"Bowl for Kids 2007, a fund-raiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Western U.P., includes teams from Beacon Ambulance, Ironwood Public Safety Department and the Gogebic County Sheriff's Department."
Casino backer pulls out of project
"Evan Zeppos, a spokesman for the casino project, said Troha told the Menominee tribe that "other obligations made it impossible" for him to put in the extra time and money it would take to see the project to completion."
Gallon of gas skating toward $2.50, with a roster of blame
"According to Erin Roth, executive director of the Wisconsin Petroleum Council, there's plenty of blame to go around: the price of crude oil hitting $61 a barrel; state and federal taxes that add 51 cents to every gallon purchased; the belated but brutal arrival of winter weather; the decision by oil-producing nations to reduce production; and the annual drop in production at refineries."
Snowmobile sales on thin ice
"Tschida returned more than 50 Arctic Cat snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles and is switching to boats instead. The returns cost him about $7,000, but that's a far cry from the $250,000 loss he figured he'd take by the time he discounted them enough to sell."
Dean says no to cloned cow milk
"Although the government has approved meat and milk from cloned animals while it conducts further studies, Dean Foods Co. of Dallas said Thursday that its customers and consumers don't want milk from cloned animals. The $10 billion company owns Land O'Lakes and Horizon Organic, among dozens of other brands."
Dave Zweifel: Swift Boat firm aiding Zeigler campaign
"The phone number for Scheiderer isn't a Wisconsin one, but belongs to a PR firm called CRC (Creative Response Concepts) Public Relations headquartered in Alexandria, Va.  And who is CRC Public Relations? Hold onto your hat. It's the same public relations outfit that did a lot of the dirty work for the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the sinister organization that sought to destroy John Kerry's military record."
23 Feb Roar returns: Copper Peak Hill Climb to be contested for first time since 2003
"Snowmobiles are plenty powerful enough to drive straight up Chippewa Hill at Copper Peak, said Don Flint, a Copper Peak board member.  The challenge when drivers have to navigate up the 600-foot hill with a 37 percent grade with the twists and turns of a slalom ski race, dodging gates. Very few make it up, Flint said."
Hurley K-12 school to host adult education classes
"Adult education classes in Spanish for business or travel, responsible beverage server and first aid will be held at the Hurley K-12 School in the coming weeks."
'Run for the Veterans' seeks volunteers
"The Mercer Veteran's Memorial Committee is organizing a new event in conjunction with the Mercer Fourth of July festivities. "Run for the Veterans" is a 5K run-walk and volunteers for the event are being sought."
Social Security file turns up in mail
"Four of the six lost files were never found. Two others, including the one involving the phone call, were anonymously mailed to the Social Security office in early December, authorities said. Documents from the seven other files also were sent anonymously to the agency's Milwaukee office in separate packages in early December."
Thompson says Iowa win is crucial
"Former Gov. Tommy G. Thompson said Thursday that his bid for the White House will stall unless he can win Iowa next year - and that to win he needs to raise $2.5 million and shake hands with just about every available voter."
Coal plants still an issue for state
"From a reliability standpoint, Wisconsin is in good shape. We've turned the corner" since the late 1990s, when power shortages were considered a real possibility, Ebert said. Since 1997, Wisconsin has added natural gas-fueled power plants providing another 4,500 megawatts of electricity and regulators have approved 1,300 miles of high-voltage transmission lines, nearly 2,000 megawatts of coal-fired power plants and 400 megawatts of wind generation."
Tommy: I don't want to be VP
"Thompson said he and his advisers have laid the groundwork for his political campaign and are now starting to raise money. He figures they'll need $2.5 million to be viable in Iowa. They'll be working toward the straw poll of Iowa Republicans in August, and if they win that, they'll consider launching a full bid, he said."
Group plans war protest at Obey's office
"A group led by former Green Party congressional candidate Mike Miles plans to meet at U.S. Rep. Dave Obey’s Wausau office Monday to urge Obey to more vigorously oppose the war in Iraq."
Sen R. Feingold Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold On Continued Fighting in Somalia
“I am troubled by reports today of Somalis fleeing rocket attacks between the Transitional Federal Government and insurgents, as well as reports of efforts by the TFG to suppress media accounts of the fighting."
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Announces $1.2 Million for Port of Milwaukee
"To continue increasing our trade and exports, we must continue building and upgrading our infrastructure.  Improving the Port of Milwaukee will help bring more revenue for Milwaukee – benefiting the entire state.”
Governor Doyle Announces $575,000 for Drought Relief for Livestock Producers
“The summer droughts were hard for a lot of Wisconsin farm families, particularly in Northwest Wisconsin.  Agriculture is the backbone of our state’s economy, so I am pleased to be able to provide some assistance to these families.”
22 Feb Rare February wildfires strike northern Wisconsin
""Fires that burn into wetlands this year will become very difficult to extinguish if the dry organic soils ignite and burn below the ground line. Standing vegetation is still suffering significant moisture stress from the last growing season."
Meeting set for Copper Peak climb competitors
"Only 30 drivers will be allowed to run because of time constraints. The drivers who did not meet the pre-registration deadline but would like to compete are asked to be at the meeting, in the event of some last-minute driver cancellations."
Thompson's not quite rolling in cash for his campaign
"Presidential hopeful Tommy G. Thompson did not set the world on fire late last year - at least not with respect to cold hard cash.  His Forward America political action committee, launched Oct. 25, took in $3,500 from four donors and had spent $841 on operating expenses by year's end."
21 Feb Temporary snowmobile route to remain until end of season
"Earlier in the season, a property owner closed off a portion of the access trail that crossed his land. That trail extends from Trail 77 to the businesses on the west side of town."
DPI probe of Mercer Schools under way
"Pam Baeseman was one of 10 people listed as contacts on a letter last August alleging "major harassment activity" at Mercer School over the previous two years.  The letter, mailed to district residents, listed these examples of harassment: "Repeated exposure of genitalia, vandalism, students' back sandpapered, intimidation, destruction of personal property, sexual harassment, bullying of students, including special needs children, and verbal abuse." "
Departing volunteer honored
"Both youngsters and adults will long remember Anjanette Bauer's contributions to Iron County.  As an Americorps VISTA volunteer, she worked with hundreds of Iron County youngsters in the past three years, using innovative techniques in challenging them to learn."
Spanish Club's Chicago trip approved by Hurley School Board
"The Lalich funds will offset the cost of admission to three museums and the Hancock Observatory. The money raised by the club will be used for breakfasts and dinners. Students will be responsible for paying for their own lunches, according to Natalie Patritto, Spanish Club advisor.  About 40 to 45 students will participate. They'll stay at the Holiday Inn-Chicago."
Bill could deliver funds for social service hotline
"A bill could bring Wisconsin an estimated $12 million in federal funding over five years to help expand the reach of 211 call centers statewide.  The centers provide callers with free information and referrals to health and social services for issues such as mental health, child care, crisis intervention, drug abuse, and food and shelter needs.
Hunters dispute DNR deer estimates
"Department of Natural Resources biologist Todd Naas told the group that DNR surveys showed every unit in the area except Unit Seven, the Bad River Indian Reservation, was above goals. One unit, Unit 78 on Madeline Island, at 31 deer per square mile, was over twice the goal of 15 deer per square mile."
"This upgrade at Zablocki will bring cutting-edge medical technologies to Wisconsin's veterans, and I'm pleased that the VA has signaled that this important project is now moving forward,""
Kohl says next step in Iraq debate unclear - Wisconsin Radio Network
"Every poll out there indicates that the American people do not support escalating our involvement in Iraq, and the president . . intends to do that,"
Wisconsin launches farmer health care cooperative - Brownfield - Jefferson City,MO
"On Monday, Governor Jim Doyle, Senator Herb Kohl and the Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives unveiled a cooperative health care program for Wisconsin farmers. WFC president and CEO, Bill Oemichen says Farmers Health Cooperative of Wisconsin (FHCW) is open to farmers, their families, employees and anyone who directly serves agriculture. “So the veterinarian, the feed supply mill, the milk hauler, all those individuals will be eligible to participate.”"
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle to Undergo Procedure to Repair Left Hip
"Hip resurfacing involves the removal of less bone from the hip joint and for young, more active patients with healthy bones, results in better range of motion and less risk of dislocation than traditional total hip replacement."
Governor Doyle Appoints Winn Collins as Green Lake County District Attorney
20 Feb Hurley School Board endorses DPI budget plan
"While Doyle pledges two-thirds state funding for school districts, Hurley has been receiving under 60 percent and that will remain the same, according to Patritto.  Doyle's budget does not include an anticipated sparsity aid for school districts that are spread out, like Hurley, Patritto said. "I was really hoping for the sparsity aid," he said."
Bessemer to pass on Hurley fire truck
"Fire department members were surprised to find a new truck costing about $160,000 to $170,000. Fire department members visited the Rosenbauer company and told the council it had a good production facility.  The truck from Rosenbauer would be equipped with high pressure pumps preferred by small town departments,..."
Cutbacks in class, upgrades on the field
"Just days before the Kettle Moraine School District's superintendent embarked this month on discussions preparing residents for $1.2 million in program cutbacks, a letter went out to some of those same residents.  Signed by a group called the Kettle Moraine Field Project Committee, the letter sought $460,000 in funding the installation of artificial turf for the football field."
Low voter turnout feared for today's primary election
"Our goal for turnout is about 10 percent," Ohlsen said. "With the Madison mayoral race, there's some interest, but it's not a very high-profile election."
Report urges campaign finance overhaul in state
"A report released today is calling for Wisconsin to update its existing campaign finance laws and take steps to regulate so-called "issue ads" funded by shadowy groups."
Media musings: PBS series exposes press failings
"The feeling of shame washed over me as scene after scene played out of government officials giving information that now proves to be untrue. The shame comes from knowing that so many questions needed to be asked and never were and that those put in the positions to do that very thing essentially wore signs on their backs that said, "Walk all over us, Dubya.""
Deer hunters close to record
"With nearly 500,000 deer killed, the 2006 deer-hunting season recorded the third highest harvest in Wisconsin history, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources."
Sen R. Feingold Feingold Introduces Bill to Study Treatment of German and Italian Americans During WWII
"... would create two fact-finding commissions to study the internments and other restrictions imposed on some European Americans during World War II, and the government policies limiting the ability of Jewish refugees to come to the United States.  Although the U.S. government has formally studied and recognized the mistreatment of Japanese Americans during World War II, no similar endeavor has been undertaken with regard to these other groups."
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Names Lauren Azar to Public Service Commission
19 Feb State puts off action on utilities
"Twelve Wisconsin utilities continue to supply water containing unacceptable levels of potentially cancer-causing radium, but the state is holding off on referring those violators to prosecutors."
New co-op to provide insurance to farmers
"More than three years after state officials passed legislation designed to help lower health- care costs for agriculture producers, a health insurance cooperative has been established to cover individual Wisconsin farmers as one group."
UW prof's research shows how kids learn by playing certain video games
"And that's a good thing, because education needs some transforming, argues David Williamson Shaffer, UW associate professor of learning science, in his new book, "How Computer Games Help Children Learn." He says that in a post-industrial world where a premium will be placed on innovative thinking, the traditional methods of classroom education developed during the Industrial Revolution won't be as valuable."
La Crosse proposes tuition increase
"Heyer said additional revenue from UW-La Crosse’s tuition increases would support its plan to “invest in quality” and would allow enrollment to increase by 750 Wisconsin students and 250 out-of-state students."
Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate information
"Voters in Tuesday's primary election will choose from three candidates for one vacancy on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The two candidates with the most votes will face each other in the April 3 general election."
Sen R. Feingold Sununu amendment requires gov't reports on data-mining - WCAX - Burlington,VT
"The amendment is based on a bill co-sponsored by New Hampshire Senator John Sununu and Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. It was approved unanimously this week by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.   The amendment requires federal agencies to report to Congress every year. The agencies would have to tell Congress how their analysis of records such as phone calls and credit card transactions affects the privacy of ordinary citizens."
Sen H. Kohl Doyle and Kohl Announce Health Care Co-Op for Farmers - WKOW - Madison,WI
"Farmers, their families, farm employees and those who own or work for agriculture-related businesses will be eligible to enroll in one of six health insurance plans with coverage starting April 1. "
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Announces Health Care Plan for Wisconsin Farm Families
“These are hardworking families, and they need relief.  Today, we’re building on our efforts to provide health care for all citizens, and keep our farm families the foundation of strength our state relies on to grow.”
18 Feb Iron Belt approves temporary access trail
"Noting the town board is doing it for the safety and welfare of the people, Soine said, "All other roads in town are closed and violators will be ticketed. Anyone off the route will be ticketed."  Soine said Iron Belt residents may use the streets in town to access the snowmobile trail, but the streets are closed to non-residents."
Deer sessions set at Mercer, Ashland
"Informational meetings on the 2006 deer season and 2007 population estimates are scheduled Monday in Mercer and Tuesday in Ashland."
Small business loans available
"The Business Program of the Indianhead Community Action Agency has funds available to provide small loans to prospective business owners in Iron and Ashland counties."
World Day of Prayer service to be held March
"On Friday, March 2 the Mercer United Methodist Women will host the 39th World Day of Prayer service at 1 p.m. All are welcome. Refreshments will follow in fellowship hall."
[On the calendar HERE. - Bob]
State scraps computer project
"The suspension of the federally funded EnABLES project comes in the midst of an audit of state information technology projects and less than a year after the University of Wisconsin System abandoned a payroll system that had cost $26 million."
Wisconsin primary could be a spoiler
"Under this scenario, Wisconsin once again has its mid-February date all to itself (as it did in 2004), meaning that for six or seven days it becomes the exclusive venue of the 2008 campaign. All the remaining candidates and the national political media descend on the state, whose primary is now strategically sandwiched between two multistate "Super Tuesdays,""
Nothing but lame excuses
"Thanks to Doyle's crazy vetoes, the argument goes, Wisconsin schools received hundreds of millions of dollars the Legislature refused to authorize.  OK. But that means another governor could someday cut the schools off at the knees using the same technique.  The ends don't justify the means."
Diocese prepares for priest shortage
"The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse is considering a plan that would reduce the number of parishes by more than half to deal with a priest shortage predicted for the next 20 years."
Aspirus is developing plans for Woodruff clinic
"While the deal is not finalized, Aspirus has purchased land next to the U.S. Post Office on Hwy. 47 and has obtained preliminary approval to build a 15,000-square-foot clinic that would employ 24 medical professionals and support staff."
Sen R. Feingold Wisconsin Rapids Man to Finally Get Korean War Purple Heart - WSAW - Wausau,WI
""I called Russ Feingold's office and told him the trouble i'd been having and even then it took quite a while."  Despite the trouble, Feingold's office was able to secure the long-awaited purple heart."
Tom Clementi column: Feingold remembers message from voters - Appleton Post Crescent
"During the first week of this month, in a 24-hour period better suited for "Twilight Zone" reruns, the administration proudly presented its budget for fiscal year 2008 and touted it as the first step towards a balanced budget by 2012 — yet it provides no funding for the Iraq War past 2009.  I'm not sure how we're supposed to react to this with straight faces, seeing that Mr. Bush wants to increase our military presence in Iraq by some 21,000 soldiers, but refuses to even listen to any questions about a timetable for troop withdrawal. "
Rep D. Obey Rice Grilled On $6 Billion Funding Request For Iraq, Afghanistan - AND - Johannesburg,Gauteng,South Africa
"I think you've got a lot of explaining to do," Rep. David R. Obey (D-Wisconsin) told Rice at a hearing of the House Appropriations subcommittee on state and foreign operations. "A huge majority of the funds in the supplemental are for military, not political or economic or reconstructive, purposes."
17 Feb New films, music celebrate UP lifestyle
"The Sunday event will have all the bells and whistles of a Hollywood premiere from a red carpet entrance to live music with a U.P. flavor by Ray Kamalay of Lansing. The film evening also features the short film "Ski Bum in Yooperland" and a reception with traditional Upper Peninsula foods -- including pasty from Joe's Pasty Shop, which is in the "Holm" film as well."
Hospital tax would shift costs
"The losers overall would be hospitals in affluent, suburban communities such as Waukesha, Brookfield and Mequon. The winners would be hospitals near poor neighborhoods, such as Aurora Sinai Medical Center and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-St. Joseph, both in Milwaukee."
St. Mary's lawsuit seeks to halt union
"Unite Here also distributed flyers at a St. Mary's-sponsored Heart Week event earlier this month and sent postcards to patients, employees, donors, and potential donors encouraging them to contact the hospital, according to the lawsuit.  The union also placed an advertisement in the Wisconsin State Journal, which appeared on Thursday, urging St. Mary's president, Dr. Frank Byrne, to "take action" on Superior Health Linens."
Reject Doyle's oil tax proposal
"To keep consumers from feeling the tax increase at the gas pump, the governor intends to forbid oil companies from raising prices to cover the new tax. He pledged to throw oil executives in jail for six months if they violated the prohibition."
Wisconsinites weigh in on war resolution
"Comments from Wisconsin legislators on the Iraq war resolution were compiled by Kate Raiford of The Capital Times/Medill News Service."
Survey: Housing prices, sales drop
"Nationally, sales declined by 10.1 percent in the fourth quarter compared with the same period a year ago. The national median price -- the point where half sell for more and half sell for less -- fell to $219,300, down 2.7 percent from the fourth quarter of 2005."
'Adult-oriented' zoning trickier than dance of the seven veils News Analysis
"The ordinance's 57-word definition of nudity, for instance, would have your average 15-year-old boy rolling on the ground in a seizure of laughter.  But all fun aside, this 11-page ordinance - with its more than 500 lines of legalese and interesting words to look up in the dictionary - is giving planning and zoning officials a collective headache."
Sen R. Feingold Congress : Senators Collins and Feingold Introduce Bill to Protect Recreational Activity Participants - All American Patriots (press release) - Taeby,NA,Sweden
"People participating in activities like motorcycling, skiing, snowmobiling and other outdoor activities should not be put at risk because of a health insurance loophole. This bipartisan legislation will offer outdoor recreation lovers the protection they deserve."
Rep D. Obey WI House delegation differs during Iraq debate - River Falls Journal  - River Falls,WI
"David Obey, D-Wausau, urged colleagues to set a rough target period to “re-position” troops out of Iraq. He said the Bush policy has done so much damage, there’s no good way for us to get out whether it’s now or in five years."
16 Feb Copper Peak Copper Peak SnowMobile Hill Climb
"The gates will open at 7:00 a.m. CST.
Competition begins at 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. CST
Tickets: Adults: $10.00, Students: $5.00 (Age 6 to 14), Free: Age 5 and Under"
[Anybody who can get me handicapped parking privileges so I can take pictures for a collage would be greatly appreciated. - Bob]
Johnny Trash and Jimmy Lee will be at Nora's
Local musicians, Johnny Trash and Jimmy Lee, will be appearing at Nora's Red Carpet Lounge on Saturday, Feb 17th.  The music linked to above is played by somebody else and has nothing to do with their appearance.  Samples of their music have been available on previous days.
Ironwood man free on bond, faces five counts
"Charges stem from a fight that occurred behind a Hurley bar during the early-morning hours of July 2. Grulkowski allegedly slammed the head of another man against a wall, causing substantial injury."
Mercer's Vaughn moving on
"Vaughn said Thursday that he will announce his resignation at the Feb. 26 meeting of the Mercer School Board and ask the board to release him from his contract."
Oil spill tainted water table
"An oil pipeline spill on Feb. 2 in Rusk County - one of the largest such accidents of its kind in state history - has been found to have contaminated the local water table, officials confirmed Thursday.  The accident is one of two resulting in the release of at least 176,000 gallons of Canadian crude oil in northern Wisconsin since the beginning of the year."
Peanut butter may be culprit in 5 cases of salmonella poisoning
" To date, authorities have confirmed that one of the five state victims ate peanut butter.  Nationwide, 85% of the 288 infected people reported they ate peanut butter, providing the statistical link cited by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The outbreak in 39 states dates to August."
Conklin: Killer whales on Lake Monona
"So my next call was to Dick Guyot, the carpenter who put the Capitol dome on the lake for years and was trying to get other replicas out there for what he dubbed "Ice-perience, Madison's model city." Guyot, who says his Capitol sank a few years back, still has a whale off Few Street, but he says the pod of Orcas belongs to "very secretive" musician and artist Tim Browning."
Air America sale OK'd by bankruptcy judge
"Air America was launched in 2004 and has lost money ever since. Its most prominent personality was the comedian and author Al Franken, who left the network on Wednesday to run for nomination to a U.S. Senate seat from Minnesota."
Dems tackle global warming
“Today, we announced the introduction legislation to combat global warming –– the solution is similar to [a California law] signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger,” Black said. “The bill is almost identical to the California law.”
Obey to speak Monday at UWMC
"The veteran congressman hopes to continue to increase the award amount in the next budget, but not at the expense of other education programs as Bush’s proposed budget does, Brachman said.  Obey also will talk about issues ranging from health care to the war in Iraq. The briefing is open to the public."
Sen R. Feingold Remarks On Opposing the President's Iraq Escalation Policy
"So the question becomes, with a President unable or unwilling to fix a flawed policy that is jeopardizing our national security and military readiness, what should we in Congress do about our country’s involvement in this disastrous war? Do we do nothing, and hope that the President will put things right, when he has shown time and time again that he is incapable of doing so?"
Gov. Doyle An Opportunity Budget for Middle Class Families
"In the coming months, I’m confident my budget will be attacked by oil companies, tobacco companies and other special interests that didn’t do as well under my budget as they hoped.  But I won’t make any apologies for putting the interests of hardworking Wisconsin families first."
15 Feb You Tube Links ... because some folks didn't find them yesterday.
Trail closure divides Iron Belt
"There's no legal way to get from the regular snowmobile trail (Trail 77) to the downtown (Iron Belt) businesses," said Iron County Forest Administrator Gary Glonek ... "The county helped him through signing and fencing (to close the trail), but the signs and fencing disappeared," he said.
Shift change? Iron County deputies might spend more time on the road on weekends
"For the past several months, deputies have been seeking an agreement that will change its current Wisconsin Professional Police Association contract with the county to allow for eight-hour shifts during the week, and 12-hour shifts on weekends."
Well test exceeds expectations
"We're right where we need to be there," city council board of public works chairman Don Richards said Tuesday. On Monday the well was pumping 170 gallons per minute, he said."
Highline has evolved into multi-faceted non-profit corporation
"Highline does subcontract work in partnership with area and national businesses and does its own prime manufacturing of products. The work provides income, training and work experience for Highline's employees."
Doyle seeks land funds
"Doyle and his supporters, including the Nature Conservancy, believe that more money is needed for the stewardship program because values for forest and recreation land are rising.  They also say the need is greater today to purchase and protect land as timber companies sell off holdings that could restrict public use."
U.S. bill seeks $9 million to halt Asian carp
"Asian carp have been on the loose since escaping Southern hatcheries in the 1970s and are now the dominant species in many stretches of river within the Mississippi basin, but the voracious filter feeders evidently have yet to make the jump into the Great Lakes basin and the $4.5 billion fishing industry it sustains."
Budget plan brings state jobs to square one
"The budget proposes that by June 2009, there would be 68,085 jobs in state government including the UW System and UW Hospital and Clinics in Madison - seven fewer than when Doyle took office in January 2003."
Doyle proposal would cut back sex offender tracking
"Doyle's budget, unveiled to lawmakers Tuesday night, would require child molesters and sexually violent offenders to wear global positioning bracelets only while they're on supervised release or parole.  That's a significant step back from the law Doyle, a Democrat, signed in May to set up GPS tracking until the offender died or was too feeble to pose a threat."
Bill would require state to cut emissions
"Black said today that the bill mirrors one signed into law in November in California in requiring carbon dioxide emissions to be reduced to 1990 levels by 2020.  A number of other states also are following the California model."
Sen R. Feingold Feingold Part of Senate Coalition Calling for Improvements to NCLB Testing Mandates
"Time and again, I have heard from Wisconsinites who have serious concerns with the way NCLB is being implemented," Feingold said. “We must ensure that this law meets the needs of the students it was intended to serve.”
Feingold Meets with President of Liberia
“I was honored to welcome President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf back to the Senate during her visit to the United States. She is a remarkable person and exactly the type of leader Liberia needs as it continues its recovery from years of conflict and bloodshed."
Feingold Introduces Plan to Help Workers Transition to Careers in High-Demand Health Care Industry
"This bill would help those communities that have been hit hard by job losses, and also do not have enough health professionals to keep their communities healthy."
"Our solution is very simple: make these anti-consumer patent settlements illegal. It will end this practice that is seriously impeding generic drug competition -- competition that could save consumers, literally, billions of dollars in health care costs."
"I have made it one of my highest priorities to support programs that help all kids grow up to be successful in life because, too often, those with the smallest voices get overlooked in Congress," Kohl said. "I am truly grateful for this recognition from our state's PTA."
Rep D. Obey Resolution Opposing Iraq War Escalation
"“Well, I for one am tired of those who have been consistently wrong about this war lecturing those of us who have been right from the start. I’m tired of the manipulation of intelligence by this Administration. I’m tired of the stubbornness of an administration that didn't have a clue about the Middle East realities when they got us into this mess, and don't have a clue now about how to get us out."
Creationists defeated in Kansas school vote on science teaching - Guardian, UK
"In a 6-4 vote on Tuesday night, the Kansas state board of education deleted language from teaching guidelines that challenged the validity of evolutionary theory, and approved new phrasing in line with mainstream science.  It was seen as a victory for a coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats, science educators and parents who had fought for two years to overturn the earlier guidelines."
14 Feb Single easement could hold up Hurley's sewer-water project
"The city requires 168 easements for the project, but only one involves a change in the location of sewer-water lines. The city hasn't reached an agreement with Richard Soetebier, of 612 Second Avenue North, on acquiring the easement."
Copper Peak Snowmobile Hill Climb still on for Feb. 24
"The hill climb is one of the biggest single-day snowmobile events in the Midwest and draws thousands of fans. VIP parking at the bottom of the bluff is on a first come basis for $40.  Regular parking is $5. Gates open at 7 a.m. Gate admission is $10 for adults and $5 for ages 6-14."
Study set to help determine future of Wisconsin's forests
"A new challenge now faces Wisconsin, and the nation," said Paul Delong, administrator of the DNR's Division of Forestry. "Who will be the next stewards of the state's forests? Will it be the children of current landowners? And will these offspring maintain the same commitment to the land as their parents?"
Doyle seeks tax, fee boosts
"Gov. Jim Doyle on Tuesday traded targeted tax increases - on smokers, hospitals and oil companies - for more health care and stable funding for the state's transportation system."
Gag on judicial candidates to stand for now
"Wisconsin Right to Life wanted the court to issue a preliminary injunction lifting the state rules while it considers the group's lawsuit that calls the limits unconstitutional. But U.S. District Judge John C. Shabaz declined to do so, saying the group had not shown that judicial candidates would speak out on issues if the rules weren't in place. Shabaz said most judicial candidates stay tight-lipped because they want to preserve the impartiality of the judiciary."
Judge won't suspend speech limits in judicial ethics code
"Wisconsin Right to Life had asked for a temporary order lifting the rules so it could quiz candidates before the Feb. 20 primary and April 3 general elections... The group argued that in 2006, most candidates responding to its survey refused to answer the questions, citing the rules, which are enforced by the Wisconsin Supreme Court."
Doug Moe: He's alive! Letter writer found
"My column on the Kinyon letters wasn't even in print yet - the column gets posted early on madison.com - when a reader in the United Kingdom contacted me by e-mail with a suggestion on how to reach Kinyon. A minute or two later, we were chatting on the phone."
Doyle announces $225 million plan for higher education
"The governor’s proposed two-year budget would grant the UW Board of Regents $21 million to completely fund its proposed Growth Agenda for Wisconsin, which is a compilation of projects across UW System schools aimed to increase enrollment, four-year college degrees and financial aid, among other things."
Troops won, but can't stop Iraqis from killing
"Well, I for one am tired of those who have been consistently wrong about this war lecturing those of us who have been right from the start. I'm tired of the manipulation of intelligence by this Administration. I'm tired of the stubbornness of an administration that didn't have a clue about the Middle East realities when they got us into this mess, and don't have a clue now about how to get us out. "
Sen R. Feingold Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold on the President Pushing His Flawed Iraq Policy
“The President continues to deny what military and foreign policy experts, members of both parties, and the American people all know, namely that his Iraq policy has been and continues to be an enormous foreign policy and national security blunder."
Feingold Introduces Buy American Bill Supporting American Workers
"By purchasing American-made goods whenever possible, our federal government will send a simple message to American workers: We support you."
Feingold Works to Fix Flawed Military Commissions Act
“I’m pleased to work with Senator Dodd and others to reinstate fundamental due process and fair trial rights, consistent with the basic values and principles of our system of government.”
Senator Russ Feingold - Common Dreams
"On January 31, Feingold introduced the Iraq Redeployment Act of 2007 to end funding for the war in Iraq and force the President to safely redeploy U.S. forces out of Iraq six months from enactment."
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Honors Eau Claire Trooper Dave Hertig
"He was one of the first – and longest surviving – successful double lung transplants by the UW hospital.  After his surgery, he went back to work protecting the people of Wisconsin.  Like so many of our troopers and state employees, he represented the very best of what we do in this state.  Our thoughts are with him and his family tonight.”
Neat Local Videos on YouTube - About Ironwood
"Our area should be very proud of our local talent. Check out these locations: Jimmy Lee - The Sampler - This extraordinary footage of this unique talent was recorded live at Nora's Red Carpet Lounge on Silver Street in Hurley. Jimmy Lee is an incredibly talented "one-man-band" that plays everything you hear on this video! Check it out!"
[Three additional You Tube videos are linked there... Johnny Trash, Tony Waterhouse & Scott Gasparick, and The Sandbaggers. - Bob]
13 Feb New veterans officer to address committee
"Iron County Veterans Service Officer Charles Splonskowski has been on the job for just over a month. He is scheduled to give an update of the job thus far to the finance committee on Wednesday."
He's trapped by old traffic stop
"Because her father's green card was so old and faded, she said, officials at the Laredo crossing decided to check his record and noted a ticket from 1989 in Waukegan, Ill. Carmen said her father and uncle agreed to take a friend home after a party and got stopped by police, who found cocaine residue under the back seat. Although it was not his car, Contreras was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Rather than miss work to fight it, he pleaded guilty and paid a $250 fine, she said, and the family practically forgot the matter."
Sen R. Feingold Feingold Urges HHS Secretary to Support SeniorCare, BadgerCare
“It makes no sense to me that the Administration would propose cutting a program like SeniorCare which is more popular and less expensive than the Administration’s flawed alternative. The Administration can easily fix this by granting SeniorCare its waiver application.”
Bill to Modernize the Army Corps of Engineers
"By modernizing how the Army Corps of Engineers plans, designs and carries out its projects, we can better ensure the safety of Americans, proper stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and the protection of our natural resources.”
Feingold Works to Correct Flawed Trade Policies
“We can’t afford to keep pursuing the trade policies that have gutted our manufacturing sector, sent good jobs overseas, and undermined protections for workers, the environment and our public health and safety,” Feingold said. “It is time to put an end to these policies that have hurt hard-working Wisconsinites.”
Sen H. Kohl Bill to ensure strict separation of cloning and organics - FoodNavigator-USA - Montpellier,France
"Introduced last week by Senators Patrick Leahy and Herb Kohl, the legislation is designed to "to protect the integrity of organic standards".  "Any attempt to allow cloned animal products to carry the organic label would be inconsistent with the national organic standards and labeling program," said Leahy, author of the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990. "
12 Feb Your Snow Photos; Our RAW Footage - WYSR Syracuse, NY
"You've been sending us tons of your snow photos! Here are some of the best from our Central New York Viewers, along with some of the RAW video we've shot in the lake-effect."
Hurley School District launches first Podcast
"Our strategic plan stresses community communication and relations. We feel a quarterly update from me on a variety of topics concerning our school is another great way to communicate with our community,"
Hurley cheerleaders take part in STARS
"Cheerleaders taught the students how to perform the school cheers, dance movements and voice projection. It was one of many activities offered by the STARS program."
Doyle wants tax on oil companies
"Gov. Jim Doyle will unveil a tax on oil companies on Tuesday but will bar the firms from passing it on to consumers.  The tax would mark the first cash infusion into the state's transportation account since an annual automatic increase in the gas tax ended in April."
GOP moderate reaching across House aisle
"Tom Petri said one of the lessons of his party's fall election defeat was that "people kind of like to see us working together on a few things."  The veteran Fond du Lac congressman, one of a shrinking breed of old-school Republican moderates, seems to be following that credo."
Wisconsin, U.K. join forces on stem cells
"The United Kingdom has moved forward in a very strong manner in embryonic stem cell research, and we hope that the national government in the United States will soon follow the lead of the U.K.," said Gov. Jim Doyle, who hosted the press event."
Activist: Oil crisis requires drastic changes in Madison
"Twigg suggested that peak oil activists get involved in the sustainability initiatives the city already has in progress, including the Sustainable Design and Energy Committee, chaired by Sherrie Gruder, which is working on initiatives to reduce emissions and energy consumption for city government as well for the community."
Doyle to push partner benefits
"UW sociology professor Joseph Elder said costs would be minimal because the nation’s best data estimates only 1 to 2 percent of the country is gay or lesbian... Elder led a faculty research team in 2004 that concluded UW-Madison could improve campus climate and retention of gay and lesbian staff by encouraging the state Legislature to allow domestic-partner benefits."
Enbridge pipeline ruptures in Rusk County - Hayward - Sawyer County Record
"On Friday, Feb. 2, an existing pipeline was ruptured in Rusk County as workers were installing a 15-foot trench box into a ditch alongside a roadway. The box struck the pipeline and caused a four- to five-inch tear spilling 84,000 (about 2,000 barrels) of crude into the area. Previous reports are circulating of some 126,000 gallons being spilled, but John Sager, emergency response coordinator for the Wisconsin DNR, said these figures are inaccurate."
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Names Kelli Trumble as Secretary of Tourism
Governor Doyle Announces $1.7 Million to Grow, Strengthen University of Wisconsin–Green Bay
“Wisconsin needs more college graduates, more nurses, teachers, engineers, and scientists to fuel this economy for years to come,” Governor Doyle said.  “Our state has an incredible opportunity to seize on the industries emerging around health care reform, stem cell and biomedical research, advance manufacturing, and renewable energy.  To do that, we must have the most highly educated and best trained workforce in the world.”
11 Feb Property tax levies could rise under Doyle plan
"If the plan is passed by the Legislature, Doyle estimates it would cause a $75 increase - or 2.7% - in the December property tax bill on the median-valued Wisconsin home."
State’s rising emissions driven by use of coal
"Wisconsin generates greenhouse gases linked to global warming at a rate that is about one-third faster than the national average, a Journal Sentinel analysis found.  This trend will only escalate because the state's utilities are on the leading edge of a national building boom of coal-burning power plants, fueled by an ever-increasing appetite for electricity."
Doyle budget expands classes for 4-year-olds
"I believe really strongly in good early childhood development and I think everybody who is involved in education understands how important it is for kids to get off to a good start,"
Thompson makes his pitch in Iowa
"Thompson, 65, agrees. He said he plans to visit Iowa once a week until the straw poll.  "I sell most people when I'm in front of an audience. People like me," Thompson said in an interview between stops. "The question is whether or not I have enough staying power throughout all of Iowa."  Thompson also traveled Saturday to Ames and Des Moines, where he drew crowds of about 45 and 130, respectively.
Oil pipeline construction to bring about 1,000 jobs to Wisconsin
""Laborers will be recruited from union halls (including) operating engineers to operate heavy equipment, laborers needed for construction all along the site and also welders," Henderson said.  Laborers will be " pretty well paid," Henderson said, adding that workers also will get a per diem since the jobs require workers to temporarily relocate."
UW official: Agricultural revolution offers opportunities|
"Another aspect of the alternative energy landscape is the notion of a carbon sequestration economy, which has taken off in Europe but has yet to seriously gain ground in the United States. Sequestration basically is an attempt to either reduce the amount of carbon dioxide — a main component of greenhouse gas impacting global climate change — or find ways to divert emissions from the air to, say, underground or even injections into the oceans."
Happy Evolution Sunday
10 Feb

HURLEY CITY COUNCIL - Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Area deer sessions set
"At these meetings we will not have the final version of the 2007 deer season format, but hopefully will have a good idea of what to look forward to next fall," said John Gozdzialski, DNR regional director."
Medic first-aid class
"WITC has scheduled a Medic First Aid class which will be held on April, 3 from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. at the Hurley K-12 School. Class fee is $21.40 or $4 for senior citizens and the book fee is $8.58. This class is open to all area residents. Emphasis is on the development of the seven basic skills of care; primary assessment, CPR, choking, control of bleeding, and shock management."
State backs out of suit on pollution
"But aging plants were exempt from tacking on such expensive equipment when making routine repairs. If improvements were made to extend the life of the plant, however, stricter regulations and costlier pollution equipment needed to be installed.  Debate has persisted over how to define routine repairs, and the EPA's plan under Bush helped many old plants avoid installing the most expensive equipment."
Battle on race and UW admission plan looms as regents approve the comprehensive plan
"In our quest to make clear what we are for, we resisted the temptation to make it easier for ourselves by taking the word 'race' out of the policy," Davis said. "We resisted that. I think it's commendable."
State computer project scrapped
"The project, which was contracted out to two companies, was costing $500,000 a month and would soon exceed its projected cost of $24 million, confirmed Rose Lynch, spokeswoman for the Department of Workforce Development.  It was also more than six months behind schedule."
Rob Zaleski: Obama wins hearts, minds of these two Republicans
Adds Wann, "We feel Obama's more in touch with what the true American is really about. As opposed to a president who came from a very rich family and went to Yale and was always kind of sheltered and given everything he wanted.  "I also feel Obama is more patient, and that he really listens to what people say. And I think he'd inspire people, much like (John) Kennedy did."
John Nichols: Feingold presidential on farm issues
"But that respect does not erase the sense that Feingold's absence from the competition for the Democratic nomination robs the country of an essential voice. It is not just that Feingold is the leading advocate in the Senate for ending the war, nor that he is the most outspoken defender of civil liberties, nor even that he has the most consistently correct record on trade and economic policy."
Walsh: ‘We may be wrong’ in the long run
“There’s a very good argument [Wisconsin] state statutes do not preclude us from using race as a factor — not a determinant — but as a factor,” Walsh said. “Now, we may be wrong in the long run, but until then, we have a challenge and we are responding to it.”
Scams target local small businesses
"The caller then insisted several local businesses already were clients, Mentzel said. Feeling pressured, she gave her banking information.  During the following weeks, Mentzel claims the company has since taken nearly triple what she owed, even cashing a phony business check with her account number on it."
Sen R. Feingold Feingold Proposes Legislation to Support Dairy Industry as Part of ... - Common Dreams - Portland,ME
“Given the President’s support for extending the MILC program, I had hoped he would have proposed to provide this full extension. Wisconsin’s dairy farmers feel misled and let down, especially amid press reports that the President’s proposals will provide assistance to other industries.”
Russ Displays Moxie - Wall Street Journal
"Kimberley A. Strassel is right to recognize Russ Feingold as one of the few in Congress with the courage of his convictions regarding our future ..."
09 Feb Joyride turns into chase
"Ironwood Public Safety Department officers received a report Ceno was in the Citgo station in Hurley, trying to call a cab, the GCSD report said.  IPSD officer Adam Clemens went to the Citgo and offered to give Ceno a ride back to the scene of the accident, where she was cuffed and arrested, according to the GCSD report."
Regents to revise admissions
"Under the policy, which won unanimous approval from a regents committee Thursday and is expected to pass the full board today, admissions counselors would be required to consider applicants' backgrounds - including race and ethnicity - and life experiences, not just their test scores and class ranks."
Doyle considers tax on hospitals for Medicaid
"In his Tuesday budget message, Gov. Jim Doyle is expected to propose a tax on hospitals to leverage hundreds of millions of dollars in additional federal Medicaid cash to help pay for health care reforms."
Tax talk concerns hospital officials
"Borgerding said the association's members fear the money generated by a hospital tax would be used to fund programs and initiatives not related to health care.  "Money is money. There's very few things in the budget that are protected," Borgerding said. "This will become a cornerstone of the budget that will be impossible to ever remove.""
Autism numbers lower in Wisconsin
"A study released Thursday by U.S. health officials found evidence of autism in 5.2 per 1,000 Wisconsin children born in 1994, compared to an average of 6.6 cases per 1,000 children born in 13 other states tracked for the study."
Ashland trout activist named head of state state Trout Unlimited
"He has also waded the distant watercourses of Argentina in pursuit of legendary rainbow trout. But, ask him which stream he loves best, and he will tell you without hesitation that it's the White River of Bayfield and Ashland counties."
Sen R. Feingold Feingold Works to Level the Playing Field for Wisconsin Farmers
"These non-negotiable agricultural production contracts essentially force farmers or growers to waive their rights to take legal action against the agribusiness, even in the event of fraud, misrepresentation, discrimination, or breach of contract. Feingold also plans to work with his colleagues to introduce and include broader competition legislation in the Farm Bill."
Feingold Part of Bipartisan Senate Coalition Fighting to Save Adult Coverage in SCHIP
“SCHIP is critical to the thousands of Wisconsinites enrolled in BadgerCare, Wisconsin’s program to provide health care coverage for uninsured families,” Feingold said. “Eliminating coverage would hurt tens of thousands of expecting mothers and parents of children enrolled in Medicaid and SCHIP.”
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Announces Health Insurance for Autistic Children
"...I’m pleased to propose in my budget that health insurers be required to provide coverage for children with autism so they get the effective treatment they need to help them achieve their full potential."
08 Feb Hurley man arrested after crashing snowmobile through garage door
"It crashed through the door and into the garage of Mark Gable, 738 N. Curry St., according to an IPSD report written at 5:56 p.m.  Johnson was ejected forward from the snowmobile into the corner of the garage and complained of injury, but refused medical attention. Beacon Ambulance responded."
Doyle unveils $80 million in initiatives to help Milwaukee. But will Legislature buy it?
"Doyle's plan calls for putting more nurses in schools and police officers on the streets. It would clean up local rivers, train more residents for jobs and reduce the class sizes in public schools.  The plan also includes new or increased money for a youth summer jobs program; health care for people with AIDS; some funds for the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee rail link; and money to study adding a School of Public Health at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee."
Jail time, 5 minutes a day
"Known as day reporting, the concept allows convicted and accused offenders in La Crosse County to avoid time behind bars as long as they appear before county staffers once a day, or whenever required.  The arrangement is growing in popularity in Wisconsin as a low-cost alternative to building more jail cells."
State voter registration system is further delayed
"That means the system still won't be able to determine voters' eligibility by checking lists of voters against state lists of felons, deaths and driver's licenses, Richmond said. Instead, clerks will have to do that with printed lists."
Regents committee approves controversial admissions plan
"The policy says applicants should be judged according to a long list of criteria including academic records, test scores and leadership qualities, but the item on the list that has riled conservatives is the one that looks at membership in a historically underrepresented racial or ethnic group."
Doctors question rush to mandate cervical cancer vaccine
"While social conservatives were expected to fight the mandatory vaccination of young girls against a sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer, the loudest opposition in Wisconsin is coming from a more unlikely source: pediatricians."
Odd News of the Day: Cop gives self a ticket
"Police Chief Richard Knoebel says he wasn’t about to take the easy way out when he accidentally drove past a stopped school bus with its emergency lights flashing.  For violating traffic laws, Knoebel wrote himself a $235 ticket, took four points off his driving record and paid the fine the next day."
Sen R. Feingold Future of MILC Program in Budget Proposal
"Currently, the President’s budget does not fill this gap, putting the program and dairy farmers at a disadvantage in the upcoming Farm Bill. Moreover, the President’s Farm Bill proposal would cut funding by 62% for MILC through FY2013 when the new Farm Bill expires."
"The conditions under which cloned animal products enter our food supply will be much debated in the months and years to come. But I would hope that we can begin that discussion with general consensus that it is not acceptable for cloned food products to enter the marketplace under the organic label."
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Announces Tax Cuts to Make Life More Affordable for Middle Class Families
”Far too many families across the state are getting squeezed,” Governor Doyle said. “That’s why we’ve worked hard to make the right, responsible choices to keep life affordable for middle class families.  From making quality, comprehensive health care a reality for all citizens, to bringing higher education within reach to all students, to easing the burden of property taxes, Wisconsin is moving in the right direction.”
New Report Shows Profits of Oil Companies Far Exceed Other Industries
"Last week Exxon Mobil reported the largest annual profit in history worth $40 billion. In fiscal year 2006 British Petroleum, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, ConocoPhillips, and Exxon Mobil earned a combined $113.3 billion in profits.  These excessive profits equate to over $17 for every man, woman and child in the world or $376 for every person in the United States, according to the DATCP report."
07Feb Health care workers brighten smiles
"The Iron County Health Department held the second of three scheduled fluoride varnish activities at the Hurley Elementary School in conjunction with this year's Give Kids A Smile Day. A total of 16 students were treated with topical fluoride varnish."
Man charged in connection with domestic abuse case
"According to the criminal complaint, Kasper got into a fight with his girlfriend about 2:24 a.m. on Jan. 1 in a parking lot in downtown Hurley."
Anonymous donor creates endowment for Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters area
"The original gift of $50,000 will "be grown in the future," Zanoni said Tuesday in a telephone interview. She said some of the initial funding of $2,500 a year from the endowment could be used for related ecology-type student programs in the Mercer, Hurley and Butternut school districts. All three districts are named in the endowment."
Ice fishing jamboree set for Sunday
"The Mercer Lions will host an ice fishing jamboree on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Tourist Park on County J in Mercer."
Free eye screenings offered at Mercer
"TeleHealth is a cost-effective way to deliver these services by taking retinal photos and having an ophthalmologist read them," said Nina Antoniotti, program director of the Marshfield Clinic TeleHealth Network."
Classes kept in the deep freeze one more day
"Hurley School Administrator Chris Patritto said he looks at the temperatures. If the wind chill is minus 40, school can be called off but there are other factors to consider."
Doyle wants state to pay for added school choice
"Last year, Doyle and the Legislature agreed to raise the enrollment cap in the Parental Choice Program from about 15,000 students to 22,500. But the compromise was controversial because the voucher program is funded in a way that hurts Milwaukee taxpayers. Then, the governor said state government should pay costs of the expansion."
'Issue ads' drove spending spree
"But if they run so-called "issue ads" that talk about candidates without expressly saying people should vote for them, they do not have to follow campaign finance laws... The groups running issue ads can get their money from businesses and labor unions, which are barred from giving money directly to candidates."
Effort to trim Doyle's veto power blocked
"Key Senate lawmakers said Tuesday the chamber won't vote on a resolution asking voters in April to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to curtail the partial-veto ability of Gov. Jim Doyle and his successors."
Doyle wants increase in student financial aid
"Doyle announced Tuesday that he will ask for a $44 million increase in financial aid - a 21-percent increase over the last biennium - when he submits his budget proposal to the Legislature next week, an increase that will help make funding available, he said, for future Covenant scholars."
State turf battle brews over higher education
"The Commission on Enhancing the Mission of the UW Colleges also suggested construction of dorms on more campuses and a proposal that the state would borrow money to fund grants and scholarships, with recipients required to spend time in the state after graduation."
Apostle Islands to benefit under Bush budget proposal
"The funding could facilitate the addition of up to 3,000 new seasonal employees and provide a boost to address a backlog of maintenance operations. That includes $112,000 for nine new seasonal employees at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and $159,000 to cover pay raises for current staff."
Sen R. Feingold Rural Opportunities Bill
“The federal government has an important role to play in supporting America’s small towns and rural areas, which contribute so much to our economy, and to our strength as a nation,” Feingold said. “By passing this bill, Congress can support the rural communities that America was built on, for this generation and generations to come.”
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Announces Initiative to Grow Milwaukee for Wisconsin’s Future
“Whether you live in Milwaukee or Marinette, the future of our state’s largest metropolitan area affects you.  For Wisconsin to thrive, we need a strong and growing Milwaukee,”
06 Feb Extension study coming soon
"This is an informational ad hoc committee that will attempt to move the County D extension idea forward," Klein said. "We will get all the partners together at one table and talk about it."
Iron County youth learn snowmobile safety, skills
"With the assistance of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources warden Jon Windt and Iron County Sheriff's Department deputy Chris Voyer, 13 members of the White Thunder Riders volunteered 140 hours to the effort that coincided with International Snowmobile Safety Week."
Mercer students write to Jauch
"Wisconsin State Sen. Bob Jauch, D-Poplar, visited Mercer School in January.  After his visit, the third and f ourth grade classes wrote a letter to Jauch. In a Jan. 29 letter, he answered their questions. Here are excerpts from Jauch's letter. "
Hearing a call to help
"But survival had its own problems. Many arrived home with what is now known as post-traumatic stress disorder.  Doctors and nurses discovered that music could help soothe their pain. It could calm them down and bring them under control."
Utilities see near-record demand for natural gas
"White could not identify the customer or its location, but said the utility asked the customer to stop using the system to ensure there would be no problems providing gas to other customers. Many manufacturers can switch to a backup fuel if they need to on such occasions."
Construction mistake spills oil in northern Wisconsin
"The latest spill of at least 126,000 gallons occurred Friday when construction crews for Enbridge Energy Co. ruptured a 24-inch pipeline while installing two new lines about six miles southeast of Exeland, according to the company and state regulators."
Doyle's budget targets Allied
"Families with young children in some of Dane County's challenged neighborhoods may soon have access to on-site social services if Gov. Jim Doyle's promise to spend $1 million in his budget to expand the Allied Drive Early Childhood Initiative gets legislative approval."
Open enrollment presents quandry for cash-strapped districts
"With many area districts predicting six-figure budget shortfalls for next year, some administrators find the prospect of drawing more students — and the resulting per-pupil revenue from the state — into their districts worth consideration."
Sen R. Feingold Feingold and Collins Work to Enhance Medicare for Rural Beneficiaries
“Rural Wisconsinites and all Americans living in rural areas have worked hard and paid into the Medicare program all their lives and deserve full access to the benefits that Medicare provides.”
Feingold Statement at African Affairs Subcommittee Hearing on Somalia
"We’ve entitled today’s hearing “Exploring a Comprehensive Stabilization, Reconstruction, and Counter-terrorism Strategy for Somalia” and I look forward to today’s conversation with the Administration and expert witnesses about how to address the persistent, ongoing, and dangerous instability in Somalia and throughout the Horn of Africa."
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Announces $15 Million Increase in Shared Revenue for Wisconsin Counties and Municipalities
“The opportunities to continue moving Wisconsin forward in 2007 are endless. But to seize every opportunity, state and local governments must continue working together for middle class families.”
Governor Doyle Announces $44 Million Increase in Financial Aid
“I don’t want any high school kid to think college isn’t for them, or that it’s only for rich people,” Governor Doyle said.  “I want every student to know, with the Wisconsin Covenant, college is within their grasp.”
Governor Doyle Appoints Michael O’Rourke as Fond du Lac County District Attorney
05 Feb Surviving crane found in Florida
"The cranes were fitted with transmitters, and organizers got signals from the bird Saturday and Sunday, and then saw him later Sunday with two sandhill cranes in Citrus County, Fla., not far from the enclosure ..."
School districts worry as leaders age
"The likely culprit for keeping administrators on the job past the age of 57, which is when most become eligible for full retirement benefits, is the price of health care, he said. With family policies in school districts costing $15,000 to $20,000 a year to continue, administrators might wait to get closer to Medicare-qualifying age before they retire, Turner said."
If Congress funds a war it deems immoral, what won't it fund?
"If Hagel truly opposes this conflict, let him sponsor a bill like one offered this week by Sen.Russ Feingold (D-Wis.), "using Congress's power of the purse to redeploy most U.S. troops out of Iraq in six months."  Regardless of its merit, Feingold's bill is the only ideologically and morally consistent of the two, for it is the only bill that affirms congressional responsibility for a war it continues to pin on the president. "
Not as much hiring in January
"Factories, automotive companies, home builders and furniture makers all cut jobs last month, casualties of the housing slump and the ailing auto industry. Hotels and motels, clothing stores, and telecommunications companies also shed jobs."
Local supporters protest Watada court-martial
"Today is the date of Watada's court martial. We wanted to show soldiers who resist that they have our support, and others who are thinking about resisting that they will have our support,"
Ag funds back in revised bill
"Staying within the spending limits imposed by the budget, the measure eliminates earmarks, cuts funding for more than 60 programs, and shifts nearly $10 billion in federal spending to meet critical investment needs, including veterans' and military health care, education, health care, science research and transportation,"
Fitness clubs cater to growing boomer population
"If you think you're seeing more gray haired people at the gym, you're probably right: People older than 55 now represent more than 25 percent of all health club members. It is the fastest growing segment of membership, according to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association."
Biofuel capital of the world? - The Park Falls Herald
"Bush’s speech to the nation came four days after Butch Johnson, his son, Bill, and Park Falls Mayor Tom Ratzlaff returned to Park Falls with the news that the Department of Energy won’t be able to come up with the $80 million grant until next year for a demonstration ethanol plant that the Johnsons, mill employees and entire community had been hoping for in 2007 federal budget."
Sen R. Feingold Feingold is as Feingold does - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"When it comes to owning the heart, mind and soul of his party's liberal base, Feingold is the man. The Code-Pinkers gave him a rock-star standing ovation when he introduced his defunding bill, nearly turning the Senate Foreign Relations Committee room floor into an anti-war mosh pit.  Much to their disappointment days after the Democrats won back control of the House and Senate, he chose not to run for president. "
Rep D. Obey Obey Applauds Federal Grant to Help Firefighting Operations in Antigo
“Ensuring that our firefighters have the right training and equipment to safely do their jobs is critical,” said Obey, the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, which allocates funding for the program providing the grant. “That’s why I’m glad to see these federal dollars go to Antigo’s firefighters to help make sure that they are prepared to keep themselves and our community safe.” 
A chance for bipartisanship - Centre Daily Times - Centre County,PA
"But the warning voiced in an interview by Rep. David Obey, of Wisconsin, the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, must be borne in mind. Obey recalled that when the late Rep. Richard Bolling, of Missouri, invented the congressional budget process, he said, "It will work only if all the key players -- in Congress and the administration -- use honest figures and make a genuine effort to live within its discipline. Otherwise, the budget process will become a barrier to action.""
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Breaks Ground at Proven Direct, Advancing Menomonee Valley Redevelopment
“Investing in high-tech companies like Proven Direct will produce the jobs of tomorrow, creating high-paying, high-end jobs for Wisconsin workers,”
Governor Doyle Announces $1 million to Expand Early Childhood Initiative in Dane County
"This innovative program provides real opportunities to hardworking families – from job training to health care to education,"
04 Feb Lake Superior produces trout from shore in January
""We had some excellent brown trout fishing during the fall-like weather between Jan. 5 and Jan. 18," Tregembo said.  The trout ranged between 24 and 29 inches. They weighed between four and eight pounds. "
Crane deaths stun conservationists
"This is such a heartbreak . . . such a loss. The news of this brought us to our knees," said Liz Condie of Operation Migration and the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, a coalition of groups working to reintroduce migratory whooping cranes in the eastern United States."
Many students cannot get major they want at UW
"With the continuing reduction of resources, whatever flexibility we might have had, say, 10 years ago to try to help those (higher demand) programs expand to at least partially meet that demand, we don't have that flexibility anymore," said UW-Madison Provost Patrick Farrell. "So there are some very qualified students that just because of space we can't accommodate."
03 Feb Iron County clarifies sick leave provision
"If there's a serious health condition in the immediate family, an employee can use his or her accrued sick leave days, which are limited to 120, Saari said.  The union then has a sick leave bank where employees' additional sick leave days are stored and can be used by other county employees."
Range Community to dedicate addition
"Our second addition was a bigger sanctuary, which doubles as a volleyball court, and triples as a banquet hall. Now, we have added more classroom space and a smaller conference type room that is just wonderful for our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group as well as adult Sunday school. It has been a humble joy to watch God provide through the years!"
Bessemer: Area snowmobile trail closed for season
"A portion of snowmobile Trail 13 that runs from the southern end of Lake Gogebic to the intersection with Trail 2 near U.S. 2 will be closed for the remainder of the season."
Sno-Cross called an extraordinary success
"The event was extraordinarily successful and we've heard nothing but positive comments from our staff and our competitors. We're looking forward to future events in Ironwood."
Thompson blasts Iraq 'mistakes'
"Tommy G. Thompson on Friday blasted "terrible mistakes" in the execution of the war in Iraq and said the president and his military generals share the responsibility.  It was the harshest criticism of the war to date from Thompson, a member of President Bush's cabinet when the United States invaded Iraq in March 2003."
Personal information theft hits Assembly
"One-third of all Assembly members and 74 of their aides were told to contact credit bureaus and put fraud watches on their personal accounts after papers with their Social Security numbers were stolen from the car of a legislative staff member."
Identity theft threat strikes close for lawmakers
"The latest theft, coupled with the Department of Revenue error, has Wisconsin lawmakers stumbling over one another to call for tighter controls on sensitive personal information.  "I think there's a newfound awareness in the Legislature regarding some of these issues about identity theft," Stone said."
Doyle, AG: We'll fix state crime lab
"As of last year, there were more than 1,700 cases still waiting for DNA tests at the labs in Madison and Milwaukee, according to the Department of Justice.  The backlog continued to grow every year from 2003; last year's figures represent the biggest backlog since 2000."
Storms kill all 18 whooping cranes led from Wisconsin
"All 18 young whooping cranes led south from central Wisconsin by ultralight aircraft last fall were killed this week in storms that hit Florida, dealing a devastating blow to a project to create a second migratory flock of the endangered birds in North America, a spokesman said."
02 Feb Iron County Board sees calm return to meetings
"With most controversial items in Iron County put to rest, and little pressing business, the Iron County Board of Supervisors could have gone without its monthly meeting on Tuesday. The meeting adjourned in less than an hour."
Man injured in Saxon area logging accident
"Nitek was initially transported by the Hurley Snowmobile Rescue unit, which was dispatched to the accident minutes after an ICSD deputy arrived on scene at 1:54 p.m. Beacon Ambulance then transported him from the nearest road to the hospital, according to information gathered at the sheriff's office."
Iowa man killed in Iron County snowmobile crash
"According to a sheriff's department release, alcohol and speed are believed to be factors in the accident.  It was the first snowmobile fatality in Iron County this winter and at least the seventh snowmobile fatality in the state, according to the Department of Natural Resources."
Mercer library to show movies
"The library will show at least one movie per month. There will be movies for children, movies for adults, newly released movies and oldies-but-goodies. Some will be purely entertaining; others may lead to heated discussion after the screening."
Assembly OKs curb on partial vetoes
"The amendment passed both houses of the Legislature in the last session, and if it passes both again, the question will be put to voters in a statewide referendum. The measure now goes to the state Senate for the final vote."
Heed warning to update tax laws
"Gov. Jim Doyle is weighing the state's legal options. But he would be smart to allow customized software to remain tax-exempt, to encourage investment in high-tech growth. And he should accept the court's decision on the definition of customized."
1 killed in Iron County snowmo...
"Bruneau said that Martins apparently struck a tree with his snowmobile. He was pronounced dead by Iron County Coroner Diane Simonich. Bruneau said alcohol and speed were factors in the accident."
Alliance for Sustainability keeps its home, for now
"Councilor Rick Dowd and others said the city would benefit from future Alliance conferences and meetings that could draw people and dollars from outside the region.  "As far as I'm concerned, this is economic development," Dowd said, while Councilor Kathy Allen added that it could make Ashland "the go-to place for sustainability.""
Sen R. Feingold On the National Intelligence Estimate Released Today
“The National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq released today confirms what has been apparent for some time – the Bush Administration’s policy of fighting an indefinite war in Iraq is not working and will not work. The NIE also confirms that what is going on in Iraq is indeed a civil war"
Rep D. Obey Democrats Unveil New $463 Billion Government Spending Measure - Bloomberg
"I don't expect people to love this proposal -- I don't love this proposal,'' Obey said in an e-mailed statement. ``But in contrast to last year's Congress, which decided to duck these choices, at least we have made them in order to bring last year's issues to a conclusion so we can turn the page and deal with next year's priorities.''
Gov. Doyle Governor Doyle Appoints Barbara Struzynski as Waushara County Register of Deeds
Statement of Governor Doyle on New Reports of Excessive Profits by Exxon
"As I have said repeatedly, I believe American consumers deserve a refund on what we have overpaid to heat our homes and fill up our gas tanks.  It is time for the oil companies to be held accountable for the way that they have run up their profits on the backs of average middle class families.”
Governor Doyle Announces Appointments
Governor Doyle Signs Historic Bipartisan Ethics Reform into Law
Statement of Governor Doyle Regarding Brett Favre
01 Feb Hurley Head Start enjoys fall trip to farm
"Hurley Head Start's Home Base Program made its debut field trip Oct. 24 to the Saxon Harbor Berry Farm."
[How/why is the Globe reporting this in February?- Bob]
Freeze alert in Mercer
"Residents in the Mercer Sanitary District 1 who have had problems in the past with water service freezing are asked to continuously run their water (at a stream no more than a pencil) as a precautionary measure against the cold weather."
Fish-killing virus nears
"State of Michigan officials announced last week that viral hemorrhagic septicemia, or VHS, has been confirmed in northern Lake Huron, only about 20 miles east of where it merges with Lake Michigan - an approximately 200-mile advance in its known range from just last fall."
Doyle set a spending record in election
"... Doyle's campaign raised and spent about $10.5 million, according to State Elections Board reports.  That compares with $7.6 million that Republican Mark Green spent in his unsuccessful challenge to Doyle, according to totals Green's former campaign manager provided."
Governor thinks big on health care
"In his State of State address, Doyle elaborated on previous plans to merge and expand Medicaid programs and make Wisconsin a national leader in cutting its uninsured population."
State to kids: Here's deal for you
"The Wisconsin Covenan ... asks eighth-graders to sign a contract that they will stay in school, stay out of trouble and maintain a B average.  In exchange, the state guarantees that every student who maintains his or her end of the bargain will be able to find funding to attend college or technical school in Wisconsin.
What are you into? Local DiDGU.com helps viewers find the answers
"For now, it's a Web video service that focuses on providing personalized, high-quality content free to members. In time, the site wants to offer other related content including forums, blogs, Web zines and the like."
In-Depth: Continuing the legacy of discovery
"Slated for construction in 2008 — and expected to be completed by 2010 — the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery will house two institutes of research: one for privately funded projects and one for publicly funded projects affiliated with the university."
Editorial: Enron stock looks better than sled investment
"But then came the dark days of 2001-02, when Marathon County's trails never opened. Sledders need several inches of good, packable snow for trails to be safe and navigable without causing damage to the land underneath.  Back in ought-one, it never came. Brown, brown, brown all winter long. So you packed up and headed north or out on a local lake and hoped it was an aberration.  It wasn't. Since that dreadful year, Marathon County trails have been open for a grand total of 132 days -- zero so far this season."
Declining inpatient stays mean job cuts at MMC
"A changing medical care environment that has resulted in red ink at Ashland's Memorial Medical Center has forced the hospital to announce staff cuts totaling 21 full-time equivalents. In all, about 60 people will be affected — up to 11 positions through layoffs, and the majority through reduction of work hours."
Forest Service hears opinions about off-road forest use
"In 2005, previous Forest Service chief Dale Bosworth charged staff at each of the country's national forests — some 190 million acres in all — with examining those roads currently open but maintained at various levels, along with mileage of "undetermined roads" that may not be open to ATVs, for example, but are available for use by those with four-by-four vehicles. Snowmobile use is not included in the travel management rule."
Sen R. Feingold Opposing the Warner-Levin Compromise Iraq Resolution
"The American people have rejected the President’s Iraq strategy and it’s time for Congress to end our military involvement in this war. We must redeploy our troops from Iraq so that we can focus on the global threats that face us."
On the Final Passage of the Minimum Wage Act
"I have been a strong supporter of an increase in the federal minimum wage for many years, and I was glad to see the Senate finally do its part to support hard-working Americans. I was also pleased that my Buy American reporting requirement was included in the bill."
"I am proud the CED recognized what we all know about Wisconsin: It is a great place to start a business and raise a family,"
"These standards are the fruit of collaborative negotiations among a broad coalition of the agricultural community," said Kohl. "Producers and consumers will benefit from a clear understanding of what the label "grass fed" means."
"While expanding HSAs might help some people, the health care concerns I hear about from people at home require a broader approach. We need to tackle a major force behind rising health care costs -- prescription drugs -- by allowing the government to negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies for lower prices."
Senator Calls USDA's Farm Bill Proposal 'So-So' - Wisconsin Ag Connection - Marshfield,WI
"I'll keep an open mind as we study the fine print," Kohl said after the announcement. "We know that in Wisconsin, agriculture is a very important part of our economy, and we will work hard to ensure that our state's many interests are represented as debate over the Farm Bill begins."
Rep D. Obey Obey Applauds Federal Grant to Help Firefighting Operations in Antigo
“Ensuring that our firefighters have the right training and equipment to safely do their jobs is critical,” said Obey, the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, which allocates funding for the program providing the grant. “That’s why I’m glad to see these federal dollars go to Antigo’s firefighters to help make sure that they are prepared to keep themselves and our community safe.” 
Obey, Kohl, Feingold Urge USDA to Reject Unfair Dairy Pricing Plan    
“For years, farmers in Wisconsin and Minnesota have suffered under outdated federal milk marketing orders that keep prices for milk that goes into fluid use high while paying farmers outside the Upper Midwest more for their milk through Class I dairy differentials,”
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