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  Date March 6, 2007

For Immediate Release


How will you keep the tax rate as low a possible?

I believe in using common sense when it comes to spending is the first thing to do. If your home needs a new roof, you don't tear the whole house down and start over and that's what many politicans do because its not their money. The second thing is getting new revenue when possible. Pella Windows just moved from Carol Stream to our city because they needed more space which gives us new real estate tax revenue but we need to work with the Illinois House and Senate to change some laws. Pella pays about $500,000 in sales tax per year from sales at this location but that money goes to Rockford which is listed as the sales office, even though the windows come from our town. That service and sales revenue should come to our city. This happens with many other companies also, like Northern Illinois Gas has headquarters in Warrenville but bills go to a mail box in Aurora, so Aurora gets that tax revenue. This needs to be corrected to help our city and many others, its only fair that the point of sale should get the tax revenue.

The income increases on a yearly basis because of the growth of new houses, etc and we should be able to maintain or lower our taxes and still give employees a cost of living increase. Unfortunately most of our real estate tax bill goes to the school district and we can't change that but we can try to co-operate with them as much as possible.

I pledge to do everything possible to lower the city part of our real estate tax bill and not waste our money.